Someone Isolated Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Vocals And They'll Blow You Away

    Prepare to be shook.

    Unless you've been stranded in the Amazon without cell reception or Wi-Fi, you know that Lady Gaga delivered one of the best Super Bowl halftime show performances of all time a few weekends ago.

    But just *HOW* incredible was her performance, you ask? Well, YouTuber Arkadiusz Tuszek has isolated her vocals from the performance and the results will blow you away. Just listen:

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    What's really cool is you can hear how physically taxing the 13+ minute performance is — during the songs with lots of choreography, like "Telephone," you can hear how hard Gaga is going. When she slows it down like "Million Reasons" her vocals will BLOW you away.

    For comparison, here's the full (instantly legendary) performance that made broadcast TV.

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    All that's left to say is the obvious: "YAAASS GAGA YAAASS."