Lady Gaga Perfectly Folded A Shirt Mid-Interview And I'm Seriously Shook

    "Queen of Folding!"

    Fact: Lady Gaga is the most talented performer alive.

    She can dance. She can sing live. She can play the piano. She can write music. She can act (and if the reviews for A Star Is Born are to be believed, very well for that matter). She can somehow work the fact she's Italian into every interview she does.

    Before today, I thought I had seen her do it all. But then I saw her perform a stunt I've NEVER seen her do before, and frankly, I am SHOOKETH.

    In the middle of an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival, Gaga full-on folded a T-shirt PERFECTLY (while still fielding a question in the process). I'm not talking any of that half-assed basically crumpling it into a ball shit that normies like you and I do, she folds it like she's a sales associate at H&M looking for a promotion.

    I mean look at that technique. She barely even looks at the shirt, she does it with a smile on her face, the folding is CRISP, and she still is paying attention to audience questions the whole time. That, ladies and gentlemen, is TALENT.

    Twitter user @majtague also shared the clip, joking that he didn't know Gaga also worked retail on the side.

    I didn’t know Gaga worked at The Gap

    And he points out how much better her folding is than most of ours.

    She literally barely looks at it. Meanwhile all my clothes are wrinkled a f

    To be fair, this isn't the first time Gaga has flexed on us all and showed off her FLAWLESS folding technique. We stan a folding legend.

    Gaga, keep blowing us away. Is there anything this woman CAN'T do?!