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    Apr 4, 2016

    Kylie Jenner Just Out-Kylied Herself On The Cover Of Paper Magazine

    Well, this is a look.

    Love her or hate her, teen icon/chemtrail truther/lip gloss tycoon Kylie Jenner is EVERYWHERE, from your Snapchat to your television.

    Basically, Kylie is to your screens what Duane Reades are to New York City street corners.

    Her latest takeover? Following in the footsteps of her big sis Kim, she's on the cover of Paper magazine. And while she isn't looking to #BreakTheInternet, her cover really is...something:

    Paper / Via

    For the YOUth issue, Kylie's been styled like a plastic, Barbie-esque doll...and the magazine cover is meant to look like an Instagram post.

    If you're a LITTLE thrown off by her doll-like eyes and larger-than-life (even by her standards) lips, have no fear: Kylie says they were edited to appear bigger.

    Watch out, Kim (and Barbie, for that matter) — Kylie's gunning for you!


    Kylie's Paper issue hits newsstands April 12.

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