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    Posted on Oct 23, 2017

    Kim Kardashian Thinks Kris Jenner Is Single White Femaleing Her Because She Went Blonde

    The old Kris can't come to the phone right now. Why? 'Cause she's BLONDE!

    Before we dive in to quite possibly the most important picture ever taken in the history of photography, let me get one thing out of the way. I've said this a thousand times before and I'm not afraid to say it again: The world is burning around us, but YOU my friend decided to click on yet another Kardashian article on BuzzFeed. So do not come for me or ANY of the Kardashian-Jenner ladies in the comments section. I won't tolerate it!


    Unless Kris Jenner temporarily possessed your body through her powerful sorcery — which TBH is entirely possible — you decided to click on this article by your own free will. So don't ask if I was paid to write this; don't ask why we keep writing about these women; don't tell me I should demand a refund for my college education because my writing is so bad. I HATE TO BREAK IT TO YOU BUT YOU, MY FRIEND, ARE THE PROBLEM!

    Anyway, I was minding my business until I began to hear rumors that Kim Kardashian had uploaded a picture of Kris Jenner to Instagram that was so iconic, so breathtaking, that if you looked at it directly with your eyes you were at risk of going blind. I decided to check it out for myself.



    Kim captioned the picture, "Caption this.... mine is SWF" (I think she's referencing the movie Single White Female where one woman tries to steal another woman's identity). It's all kind of hilarious, considering Kim went blonde earlier this year.

    Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

    Let's break down the image, shall we? In one hand, Kris is holding a martini glass. Because lord knows you can't manage all those Kardashian-Jenner kids without a strong drink in hand. / Via @kimkardashian

    A fur is casually draped over her shoulder, as one does. / Via @kimkardashian

    Not only is Kris BLONDE BLONDE BLONDE, but she's rocking sunglasses indoors, because the sun never sets on a badass. / Via @kimkardashian

    My favorite part might low-key be this floral-print jacket, complete with matching shirt and pants. Florals, for fall? Now THAT is groundbreaking. / Via @kimkardashian

    Finally, to complete her outfit, Kris is rocking high-heel red boots... / Via @kimkardashian

    ...with a matching crocodile-skin bag (I HOPE THAT IS FAKE LEATHER BUT LET'S BE REAL IT PROBABLY ISN'T). / Via @kimkardashian

    Kim may have done going blonde first...but damn, Kris is coming for the crown! And that's that on that!


    Anyway I feel a lot more blessed now that I have that image of Kris lodged in my brain for the rest of eternity...and have a very wonderful Kardashian-Jenner week, y'all!


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