KJ Apa And Charles Melton Dressed Together As Cats Has Me Gay Pregnant


    I spent most of my Halloween weekend not dressed up, but scrolling through Instagram, looking at everyone else's costumes and experiencing a sense of FOMO/existential dread.

    I saw a lot of amazing costume choices, but one in particular rocked my thirsty self to the core.

    It was KJ Apa and Charles Melton from Riverdale dressed as cats (I'm not a feline expert but I think they were dressed as leopards or jaguars? I'm sure someone will yell at me in the comments section if I'm wrong, TYIA). I can't quite put a paw on it, but they look GOOD GOOD. Like, the thirst JUMPED OUT.

    Was it the matching chokers and jawlines that could cut through steel that did it? Maybe so.

    Or it could have been the tasteful cleavage. That was SENDING me.

    Another possible explanation? KJ's sassy leg pop.

    Or maybe it was the really big TAIL action going on in the costume. Yes, that must have been it!

    I needed to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me, so I took to the one place where sensible, levelheaded discourse occurs between Americans: Twitter.


    The cheekbones and jawlines were one culprit.

    @sbstryker The combined bone structure in this photo has me shook. The cheekbones. THE JAW LINES.

    Unfortunately, no one else seemed able to think straight.

    AT ALL. Which is fine.

    Anyway, I can't wait to see what KJ and Charles have in store for ACTUAL Halloween.