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I'm Shook, Because Kim Kardashian Might Have Konfirmed All Three Family Pregnancies On Instagram — A Month Ago

We love a good konspiracy theory. (H/T Bustle!)

When I graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2013, little did I know that in a few short years I'd spend my days digging through Kardashian konspiracy theories for a living. But here I am, and here YOU are, klicking of your own volition, so I'd like no nonsense in the komments section, PLEASE.

E! / FX

No, Kris Jenner did not pay me to write this. Although if you're reading this, Kris: kall me, let's do brunch.

As you know, something's in the water in Kalabasas: In the past week we've learned that not one, not two, but THREE Kardashian/Jenner women are kurrently expecting.

Charley Gallay / Getty Images

Kim is expecting her third child with Kanye West via surrogate; Kylie Jenner is expecting her first child with rapper Travis Scott; and Khloé Kardashian is expecting her first child with NBA star Tristan Thompson.

As of now, only Kim has publicly konfirmed her pregnancy. But as Bustle has pointed out, an Instagram posted by Kim on Sept. 3 *MIGHT* just have been a major, major klue that the three sisters were expecting.


You guys...I'm shook.

Here's the picture...notice the kaption?

It's Kim, Kylie, and Khloé — posed left to right, in the order news of their pregnancies broke — with the kaption "The 3 of us..." (kryptic ellipsis Kim's, not mine). / Via @kimkardashian

Now it's important to note the family hasn't konfirmed that Kylie and Khloé are pregnant — they've even pushed back against the news — but EVERYONE knows the Kardashians don't make a move (and that includes posting an Instagram) without thinking 10 steps ahead.


Maybe this was a subtle announcement...or maybe it's a koincidence!

I'll let Kris wrap things up for us...


H/T Bustle.

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