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OMG, You Need To Read This Thread On Why Kendall Jenner Fans Are Quitting Her

"why we decided to unstan: a thread."

This Monday started like any other. I checked my inbox and saw that Kris Jenner emailed me my weekly quota of Kardashian articles (after all, she pays us to write about her family). "Don't let the commenters who always ask if someone was paid to write this get to you," the email read. "You're doing amazing, sweetie!"

Everyone knows Kendall Jenner hasn't exactly had a banner 2017, but it looks like things have gone from "misguided Pepsi advertisement" to worse.

Popular fan account Kendall Updates (@knjdaily on Twitter) announced earlier this month that they had decided to "unstan" the model.

For those of you who don't know, "stanning" essentially means being a super hardcore fan of an artist or celebrity. When you "unstan," it means you've revoked support for them. And Kendall Updates was HERE to give a master class in unstanning.

Hours spent updating, timezones troubles, staying up all night for what?

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Things got even wilder when they decided to post a thread about WHY exactly they were abandoning ship. Pop some popcorn and enjoy the ride!

FYI, some of these reasons are opinion based, or based on allegations — but it's still a juicy read!

disclaimer: we are aware we should've stopped giving her a pass a long time ago but at least we came to our senses ok

Reason #1: This racially insensitive Vine.

welcome to the first tape: reason #1 this disgusting video ft. kylie jenner and justin bieber. no explanation needed

Reason #2: This shirt.

#2 wore this shirt with the confederate flag on it.

Reason #3: Cultural appropriation.

#3 doing what the jenners do best: stealing from other cultures!

Reason #4: Her association with Ian Connor.

#4 claims to be a feminist but is friends with a rapist

Reason #5: More cultural appropriation.

Reason #6: Not handling her fame well.

Reason #7: Her involvement and response (or lack thereof) to that messy Pepsi advertisement.

#7 not apologizing for this, like she thought by staying mute people would actually forget about it

Reason #8: Alleged work ethic (or lack thereof).

#8 calls herself a workaholic but cancels fashions shows to attend bday parties and hang out with unemployed rich friends

Reason #9: Again, not handling fame (and the responsibilities it entails) well at all.

#9 She also thinks that she doesn't need supporters to have a career, so she just does not improve. Like at all.

Reason #10: Her friendship with A$AP Rocky.

#10 hangs out with an "All Lives Matter" supporter who defends a rapist.

Reason #11: Those "vintage" shirts she made with Kylie.

#11 The K+K clothing line has always been embarrassing but by disrespecting legends they ended it 💀

Reason #12: This one is a little more unclear, but the account seems to take more issue with Kendall and how she disrespects fans.

#12 How do we call people that can't take criticism and choose to ignore what everyone says even when it's for thei… https://t.co/DkPBPJ73ko

Reason #13: LOL, self-explanatory.

And finally, Reason #14: Doesn't surround herself with the right people.

#14 Has a bunch of leeches that act like they're her real friends but are just using her for fame. Tragic.

And before they finally parted ways, the fan account actually had some pretty wise words to say about celebrity culture and fandom in 2017:

Oh and in case you were wondering, it looks like Kendall *DID* catch wind of the tweetstorm, because she blocked the account:

Anyway that's that on that!

BuzzFeed has reached out to Kendall Updates for comment.