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I Will Never Forget Where I Was The First Time I Saw Katy Perry Say "Wig" On "American Idol"

"What is wig?"

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Some moments in history are so powerful, you cannot forget where you were when they occurred. The Moon Landing*. When the Berlin Wall fell**. And now, when Katy Perry said "Wig" on national television.


*I was not alive for this LMAO.

**I also was not alive for this but you get the point.

All the gays in the audience already know what's going on here. 18-year-old contestant and blossoming gay icon Noah Davis said "wig" before his American Idol audition, Katy Perry freaked out that he said it, and fellow judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan (plus every str8 person watching the show) were left dazed wondering, "What is wig?"

And for all you heteros out there, here's the Urban Dictionary term for "wig." The more you know!

Basically, it's a stan Twitter (superfan) term for when a pop star does something so iconic, your metaphorical wig goes flying.

Anyways, I feel like the more I try to explain this the more I'm going to confuse you. You simply *HAVE* to watch the clip from last night's premiere. There are no words in the English language that will do this moment justice...aside from me repeating "WIG" ad nauseum.


So stop whatever you're doing, grab your headphones, or hell, blast this thing on FULL volume because it will be the most important 4:43 of your week and quite possibly your year.

Facebook: video.php

Anyway, because this is stan Twitter, they took Katy and Noah's moment and ran with it...

It’s NOT your language, it’s just for us :) far...

...farther than I ever thought a wig could fly, TBH.

all the gays after Katy Perry says “wig”

This had me cackling.

Gays on their first day of school trying to find their hag so they don’t eat lunch alone

But overall, this was like a really precious moment and I'm excited to see queer culture crossing over into the mainstream. Also, get that Idol crown, Noah!

Omg I found what happened after the guys audition from the Katy Perry wig video and im so happy I did