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Hell Has Frozen Over Because Katy Perry Just Changed The Lyrics In Her Alleged Taylor Swift Diss Track

I'm exhausted.

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Over the weekend, Katy seems to have at least ATTEMPTED to bury the hatchet with Taylor during her 96-hour Witness World Wide YouTube livestream, saying, "I love her, and god bless her on her journey."

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Hey, being locked up in a house for four days with the whole world watching makes you do crazy things.

And in a SEPARATE interview during the livestream, Katy had even NICER things to say about Swift!

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She told Ariana Huffington that "I love her, and want the best for her," and went on to say that there "are bigger fish to fry, and there are real problems in the world."


That's all well and good, right? But what about Katy's new single, "Swish, Swish" — an alleged response to Taylor's "diss" track "Bad Blood"? I mean, that's not going away any time soon, right?

During a concert to wrap up her livestream, Katy changed the lyric in the song "Don't you come for me" to "God bless you on your journey, oh baby girl!"

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It appears the change was aimed at Taylor — it's almost the exact same phrasing as she used in one of her earlier interviews — although the rest of the song still sounds pretty much like a diss track.