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    These Pictures Of The Kardashians From 2007 Will Make You Say "They Dressed Like That?!"

    2007 was a wild time.

    Love them or hate them, there's no denying that members of the Kardashian-Jenner family are style icons. But 10 years ago...that wasn't ~exactly~ the case.

    1. Let's set our clocks back, shall we? Like, way, way back.

    2. 10 years, to be exact.

    3. The year is 2007.

    4. It's a simpler time, to be sure. Kim will go dressed to TRL like this.

    5. She was not afraid to wear bright purple turtlenecks.

    6. Or rock ambitious prints like this.

    7. Check out this runway lewk. SERVE, KIM!

    8. Texting on a T-Mobile Sidekick? SO IN.

    9. Hanging with Paris Hilton in a brown top with necklaces that dangle to your waist and a matching purse? Totally acceptable, although don't tell that to Justin Timberlake.

    10. Track suits? YUP.

    11. Y'all, 2007 was wild.

    12. What a time...

    13. be alive.

    14. But even though Kim was treating Hollywood like her own Kitson dressing room runway...

    15. ...dishing out LOOK after iconic LOOK...

    16. ...she was NOT the only member of her family who dressed differently than she does today.

    17. Oh, no.

    18. IT WAS LITERALLY ALL OF THEM. Like, what is this pose?

    19. Remember selfies BEFORE front-facing cameras? The travesty!

    20. Check out those boots.

    21. I'm shaking.

    22. This is HISTORY, people!

    23. And finally, legendary momager herself, MISS Kris Jenner! She sure knows how to DOT her i's and cross her t's.

    24. Kardashian 4 LYFE baby!