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22 Criticisms Of The Kardashians That Are Completely Valid

Because feeling empowered in their bodies doesn't need to be one of them.

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1. For Kris being more excited about Oprah visiting than the birth of her granddaughter.

2. When Khloé judged a competition between Kim and Kourtney over whose vagina smelled better.


3. For Kim recording "Jam (Turn It Up)."

4. For Kim cropping her OWN DAUGHTER out of a picture.

5. For Kourtney thinking it's OK to eat Kit-Kats IN SIX SEPARATE STEPS.

6. And FIVE steps for Reese's.

7. For Kim blaming North (who is a TODDLER) for posting this old picture of her on Instagram:

8. And letting North post stuff from her phone AGAIN.

9. For Kim crying because she lost her diamond earrings in the ocean.

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10. For Kim saying stretchmarks are her biggest fear in life.

11. For Khloé thinking it's OK to talk to her mother like this...

12. ...and like this.

13. For Kim taking selfies while she was on the way to jail.

14. For Kim sending emails like this...

E! / Via

15. ...and like this.

16. For Kris STILL not knowing how caller ID works.

17. For Kim having MINIMAL chill.

E! / Via

18. For Kris making "jokes" like this.

19. For Kim thinking this was a difficult day.

20. For that time Kris randomly wore a wig.

21. For magazine covers Kim has been on that AREN'T Vogue.

22. And last but not least, for Kim's crying face.

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