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I (A Non-Celebrity) Tried Out Justin Bieber's $30 White T-Shirt

Sorry not sorry.

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Hi! I'm Sam, and I'm sort of fascinated by Justin Bieber. Earlier this year I acted like him on Instagram...

...and it was kind of eye-opening!

Instagram: @samstryker

So when I heard Hanes was launching a pop-up collection TODAY with Justin’s stylist, Karla Welch, based on longline T-shirts she’d been dressing him in for years, I knew I had to give them a spin.

She dressed him for his Purpose tour, and also works with other high-profile celebrities. She's a big frickin' deal in the fashion world!

But just trying out a plain white T-shirt didn't seem THAT exciting, so I decided to test out Justin and Karla's Hanes collaboration against an everyday, regular white T and see if there was any noticeable difference.


Would the splurge be worth it? Or was the Biebs (well, technically Hanes and Karla) ripping fans off?!


Plain White T-Shirt:

OK so there's no rocket science going on here. I'm rocking a plain white T and all of you probably know the drill. It cost six dollars, feels like it cost six dollars, and looks like it cost six dollars. You get what you pay for! It's comfy and classically stylish, but I know I'd need to buy another one of these in like, two weeks because this one fell apart or got gross because of sweat stains.

Hanes x karla:

Now there's a little more going on with this white T (it's the Original, there are seven different types available from Hanes x karla — more on that later). It costs about five times more than the regular plain white T — all of the shirts in the line retail for $30, so you're not breaking the bank but it ain't exactly cheap. I liked the longer cut — you can see it in the waist and arms. It just felt like it had more character! The cotton also definitely feels higher quality, too.

The one disappointing thing is I didn't have time to wash the shirt — one of the selling points of the line is the shirts are supposed to get more personalized with each wash and wear, sort of like a pair of jeans. Still, this was a pretty good start (although to be has to take some pretty major talent to fuck up a white T.)

Oh, and FWIW, the Hanes x karla collaboration isn't just limited to plain white T-shirts. There are a ton of other styles!

Seven, to be exact: Original, Classic, Crew, Sleeveless, Baby, Crop, and Sleeveless Crop. Oh, and as you can see, Joan Smalls and Caia Gerber model for the line along with the Biebs.

The verdict:

Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

Listen, $30 for a plain white T ain't exactly cheap. But for a collaboration between a major celebrity name and a label, it actually is a deal — remember when Kanye West sold $120 white Ts and they SOLD OUT?! Listen, Justin Bieber is an easy target — but you honestly can't nail him for this T-shirt, probably because a major stylist was involved in the creative process. This shirt wasn't a letdown.

You can purchase Hanes x karla here, or if you live in the Los Angeles area you can visit Maxfield on Melrose starting August 6.

Shirts were furnished to BuzzFeed free of charge.