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OMG, Justin Bieber Had To Steal A Hair Tie From A Fan During The Middle Of A Song

And he didn't even say "sorry."

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Want to see true talent in action? The other night during his Purpose tour, Justin Bieber borrowed a girl's hair tie in the middle of his performance AND DIDN'T STOP SINGING THE ENTIRE TIME.


Let's break down this entire historic moment, shall we? First, Justin realizes his hair is way too long. But he can't get a haircut on he has to find another solution.

That solution is staring him right in the face. Literally. Justin approaches his front-row fan, grabs her iPhone and places it in her other hand, and reaches for her hair tie.

Presto! Justin has acquired the tool that will solve the problem at hand (his messy hair, nothing metaphorical). I have no idea as to what the fan has to say about being separated from said hair tie.

Tastemaker that he is, Justin places his hair in a messy yet stylish man bun. But he still has to finish his "What Do You Mean?" performance. This is a concert, not a trip to the barber, after all.

Thus, Justin finishes his performance, hair in place. All is good in the world. End scene.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is TALENT. Bravo, Biebs, BRAVO.

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