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29 Moments Jenna From "30 Rock" Made You Cry From Laughing

Listen up fives, a ten is speaking.

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10. When she maybe needed to get her eyes checked:

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Kenneth: "Did you miss me while I was gone yesterday?"

Jenna: "You weren't gone! I saw you!"


Jenna: "Kenneth! Just move!"

11. When she was so relatable and blamed something on Obama:

Kenneth: "Also, your pharmacy called and apparently you can't get a prescription for ecstasy."

Jenna: "Thanks, Obamacare."


18. When she unleashed this burn that would have made Kim Cattrall proud:

"Wow, how Sex and the City are we right now? I'm Samantha, you're Charlotte, and you're the lady at home who watches it."

22. When she should have thought buying a domain name through a little harder:

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Liz: "God, Jenna, I told you not to buy that domain name. Say it out loud."

Jenna: "Jennas-side. Genocide. I'm not hearing it, Liz."


23. That time she made an enemy of Jamie Lee Curtis:

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"I'll start by spreading a destructive rumor about her, like the famous one I made up about Jamie Lee Curtis. That she has two butts."


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