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Someone Grab A Mop Because This Feud Between A Makeup YouTuber And The "It" Cast Is A Mess

This is some TRULY scary stuff.

As a gay man, I enjoy the simple things in life. For starters: avoiding cargo shorts, listening to Carly Rae Jepsen, and causing hurricanes.

But if there is one thing I can't live without, it's some capital-D DRAMA. And sweeties, have I got a kettle full of tea for you. 2017's *HOTTEST* (and most random) celebrity feud is between the kid actors from It and James Charles, the popular makeup artist/YouTuber.

All the drama started a few weeks ago when It was first in movie theaters. You may remember James Charles first getting in trouble then. If not, I'll do a SparkNotes version for you.

Basically, he started tweeting DURING the movie that he wasn't enjoying it (it as in It.)

He deleted the original tweets, but then felt obliged to explain WHY he hated the movie so much. Roger Ebert was shook.

why am I being attacked for saying I didn't like a movie lmfao y'all need to find something better to do with your lives

I didn't like IT because it seemed as though it was branded to be a horror movie ➡️ I was not scared ➡️ I did not enjoy ➡️ get over it

Which is fine! Taste is subjective! But then Finn Wolfhard — one of the actors from It — decided to call James out on something ELSE entirely...the fact he was texting and tweeting DURING the movie, which is a big no-no.

Why are you on your phone in the movie theater? Rule 1.

James tried to play it cool at first...

I just got dragged by a legendary child actor I'm kinda honored

...and sort of walked back his comments on what he thought about the movie...

It was a FANTASTICALLY made movie. I went into it expecting to be more horror & was disappointed when I wasn't scar…

that's amazing, I feel the opposite but the amazing thing about opinions is that we all have our own & shouldn't at…

...and even recorded this INSANE video from the backseat of an Uber trying to settle it (the drama, not It the movie) once and for all.

to address all drama regarding my comments on the "IT" movie


So James clapped back...

...and tried to move on.

can people please shut up about using your phone during a movie? there are more important things to worry about like, idk, the world ending

Which brings us to this week. Just in time for Halloween, James posted a makeup tutorial to his YouTube channel where he explains how to get Pennywise the Clown's signature look.

View this video on YouTube

In the intro for the video, James admits people will say it's "hypocritical" and "ironic" of him to do this video after all the initial It drama. Boy, was that the understatement of the century.

FWIW, based on this Snapchat (I couldn't determine when it was uploaded, just sometime in-between the initial drama and him posting the tutorial) James knows he's about to stir some shit up.

A day after James' video was uploaded, actor Wyatt Oleff — who plays Stanley in the movie — seemed to subtweet the YouTuber.

when you decide to exploit a movie that you hate for money & attention cause why not

He also tweeted this right after.

It's not that I'm trying to be mean or roast anyone here, I get it, it's just business. Not a big deal. Just how the internet works.

Fans started to pile on, but then fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson replied to Wyatt's tweet with James' handle, jokingly asking that the makeup artist not make another apology video.



@shanedawson @FelloWyatt I’m not apologizing for doing a tutorial my followers asked for I promise sister

Wyatt then seemed to temper his initial comments...

@jamescharles @shanedawson I get that and it's totally fine. Just making a joke here on my end.

...but James was having NONE OF IT, claiming that not only did he already apologize, but also Wyatt knew that tweeting about it would result in fans dragging him AGAIN.

@FelloWyatt @shanedawson It’s not funny though? I’ve already said a million times you guys killed it in the movie &…

@FelloWyatt @shanedawson to result in me getting dragged left and right once again. I have a ton of respect for all…

For which Wyatt tried to apologize.

@jamescharles @shanedawson oop sorry bout that lol. I can't control people, but I'll try to make sure that they are…

And then sent out THIS tweet, trying to get his own fans to stand down.

Guys, @jamescharles is just doing his job. His fans asked for the tutorial so he gave it. We're human, we make mistakes. Don't be a jerk.

And just when it seemed like all was well, we piled up at the finish line. James replied "thank you sister"...

...and Wyatt corrected him to "brother."

So this is a little messy. James (like many gay men!) frequently uses the word "sister" as a term of endearment, regardless of someone's gender identification. My guess is Wyatt didn't know this and might have been confused by why James called him "sister"...but my guess is as good as yours.

James replied back with this It-themed joke...

@FelloWyatt we’re all sisters down here 🎈 which ANOTHER actor from It, Nicholas Hamilton (who plays Henry Bowers in the movie) replied with the "I'm-so-over-it-can-we-just-end-this-already" statement:

@jamescharles @FelloWyatt mmm but stop tho

And that's where we end things. Meanwhile, I'm over here waiting for more drama like...