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Did This Twitter Account Just Accidentally Reveal The Name Of Taylor Swift's New Song?

We think this is it.

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First of all, we're seeing a LOT of reports the new song — or potentially a whole album — is coming Friday (August 25). Variety is reporting it, Us Weekly is reporting it, basically the only one who isn't reporting it is my grandma.


So great: We've got an (alleged) release date. But what is the song CALLED?! That, my friends, is a tougher nut to crack. One thing we DO know is that the concept of TIME seems to be critical to Taylor's new music. You can read more about that theory here.

One thing we know, Taylor Swift's new single/album has something to do with "TIME".

So that's why this mysterious website,, has nothing but a "Coming Soon" banner on its homepage. Fans began circling around this page right around the time she started uploading snake videos to her social media pages.

Now, we don't know for sure if it's connected to Taylor — it could be fan made, or it could be totally unrelated to new music from the singer. But it seems AWFULLY suspicious.

Swifties fueled the rumors by pointing out music website Genius allegedly confirmed the name of the song as well.

FINALLY!!!!! According to Genius, Taylor Swift's new single is called "Timeless". A website with the name was crea…

FWIW, an entry doesn't necessarily mean anything — it could be fake! But it's still to be presented as evidence.

But the most crucial evidence might be from Vevo Australia's Twitter feed. In a since-deleted tweet, the account stated, "No words #Timeless" and included a link to Taylor's first snake video! THERE'S OUR CLUE!

The tweet has since been deleted...probably because Taylor doesn't want to reveal the official title just yet.

Of course, we (probably) won't have to theorize about potential new music much longer. We'll probably be bopping to new music by Friday (HOPEFULLY WITH A SURPRISE VMAs APPEARANCE WITH KATY PERRY THIS WEEKEND), and then we'll know just how TIMELESS her new song really is.