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    You Need To Hear This Crazy Conspiracy Theory That Ted Cruz Is Actually The Zodiac Killer

    In a nutshell, WTF.

    There's a crazy conspiracy theory that alleges Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is actually the Zodiac Killer, a serial murderer who terrorized Northern California in the '60s and '70s.

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    The Zodiac Killer, who has never been identified or captured, gained notoriety for sending taunting cryptogram letters. The case remains open, and the 2007 film Zodiac was based on the killings.


    According to the Daily Dot, the first claim that Cruz is actually the Zodiac Killer was made by @RedPillAmerica three years ago — before Cruz declared his intention to run for president.

    But since he announced his candidacy, the "Cruz is the Zodiac Killer" conspiracy theory has taken on a life of its own.

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    In fact, according to a recent Public Policy Polling study, 38% of Florida voters think it's possible Cruz is the Zodiac Killer — and 10% say he for sure is the serial murderer.

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    It also must be noted that Cruz himself has NEVER denied on the record being the Zodiac Killer.

    But not all of the evidence adds up. The presidential hopeful was born in Canada in 1970. The first victims of the Zodiac Killer were murdered in Northern California in late 1968.

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    That hasn't stopped people on the internet from taking the bizarre conspiracy theory and RUNNING with it. "Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer" is a certifiable meme at this point.

    People think they're onto something...

    "Evidence" has been dug up...

    Apparently, it's been hiding in plain sight this whole time...

    Major cracks in the case have been made...

    "Clues" have been unearthed...

    Amateur sleuths have had a crack at the case...


    Could Ted Cruz REALLY be the Zodiac Killer?

    So...are you convinced?

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