Ina Garten Posted A Picture For Her 50th Wedding Anniversary And It's Too Cute For Words

    Ina and Jeffrey are my OTP.

    Everyone knows that when it comes to celebrity couples, there's Ina and Jeffrey Garten, and then there's everybody else WAY BEHIND THEM.

    Seriously, they're the cutest. They're always traveling together, and we get sneak peeks of their adorable adventures on Ina's Instagram.

    Everyone knows they're the OTP, so this Halloween costume probably should come as no surprise — and it will seriously brighten your day.

    Heck, Ina has even dedicated an entire COOKBOOK to Jeffrey, their love is that pure. My heart is swelling!!!

    And just when you thought Ina and Jeffrey couldn't get any cuter, she just shared the first of a series of pictures to commemorate the pair's 50th (FIVE-ZERO) wedding anniversary, and suddenly I believe in love again.

    How adorable is this!!! Look at the good vanilla-eating grins the pair are rocking, like they both are the luckiest people in the world. And what's amazing is they STILL smile like that to this day (although with Ina's cooking, I'm not surprised).

    Here's another snap from their wedding I dug up, and wow, is Ina cutting some store-bought-is-fine onions under my desk, or is that just me? LOVE THEM BOTH!!!

    Anyways, Ina said she's sharing pictures all week to commemorate 50 years together, and I'm not sure if my heart can take it, but bring it ON! Congrats to the happy couple on half a century of wedded bliss!