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    22 Tasty Secrets In-N-Out Fans Will Never Tell You

    We like our secrets Animal Style.

    1. You know that there’s the official secret menu, and then the secret-secret menu.

    2. You actually know the secret secret menu by heart and it makes you feel like an “insider”…

    3. ...and you're always excited to show off how much you know when one of your out-of-state friends visits town.

    4. One of the reasons you’d never want to move is because your state is one of the lucky few that has In-N-Out...

    Like, could you imagine life without a Double-Double?

    5. ...and you know you’re not really home until you’ve had your In-N-Out.

    6. No matter what New Yorkers say, Shake Shack isn’t better or worse than In-N-Out — it’s just DIFFERENT.

    That's a fact.

    7. You have a sixth sense and know where the nearest In-N-Out is at all times.

    8. And you’ve gone out of your way on a road trip to make a totally necessary stop at an In-N-Out.

    The extra mileage was so worth it.

    9. As much as you don’t want to admit it, the fries aren’t good on their own.

    10. That means you absolutely have to order them Animal Style.

    11. All of the drinks are amazing, but you feel a rush of excitement when you order a “secret” root beer float…

    12. ...or a Neapolitan shake.

    13. You would never, ever stop customizing your burger at Animal Style.

    You have to go the extra mile.

    14. You’re embarrassed at how many obligatory Instagrams you have taken at In-N-Out.

    15. And don’t lie, you’ve totally rocked one of those employee hats before.

    16. If you want to go to In-N-Out and eat “healthy,” all you do is order your burger Protein Style.

    17. No matter how strong your willpower is, if you order your food to go, you WILL eat a few fries before you even leave the parking lot.

    18. And deep down, you really don’t mind how STRONGLY your car smells of burgers and fries after you pick some up to go.

    19. You actually enjoy the anticipation of waiting for one of the In-N-Out employees to call out your order…

    20. ...but there’s no better feeling in the world when your order number is called out.

    21. You’re ashamed at how excited you get when you’re driving around at night and see an In-N-Out sign glowing in the distance…

    22. ...but that’s because In-N-Out is your absolute favorite place on earth.