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    An "iCarly" Fan Account Is Trying To Get Kanye West To Bring The Show To Brazil

    Come to Brazil...........or else.

    It's Friday, and a lot has happened this week. By "a lot" I mean Kanye West has been tweeting a lot of controversial things, and everyone from John Legend to Chance the Rapper has been caught in the cross fire. hasn't all been bad news. Hope has taken the form of an iCarly stan Twitter account (@iCarly312) that has been tweeting at ALL of West's commentary this week, and you really just need to see it to believe it.

    My favorite thing on Twitter rn is the icarly Brazil account that responds to every single one of Kanye’s tweets

    Basically, the account replies at a slew of celebrities to help get the entire cast of the Nickelodeon show iCarly to perform in Brazil.


    "We are always tweeting rich celebrities to help us because they have a lot of money and they can hire an iCarly concert in our country," the anonymous fan who runs the account told The Fader.

    And TBH, the account is doing its darndest to get Kanye's attention.

    Like, I can't help but laugh at this reply to Kanye's tweet where he shared the screenshot of his text from John Legend.

    And honestly, I could totally rock a pair of these.

    @kanyewest Please create Yeezys iCarly edition

    They do bring up some valid points.

    And their meme game is strong.


    10/10, good argument here.

    And to be fair, I'm not sure this is an empty threat! I'd be quaking in my Yeezys if I were you, Kanye!

    @kanyewest If you are not using your account to bring iCarly to Brazil then DELETE IT!

    Like seriously, 'Ye better listen the hell up.

    @kanyewest Hey! We know you are rich! Use your money to bring iCarly to Brazil right now or else we will report you to Brazil’s President @MichelTemer and to @pabllovittar and you will be banned from Brazil forever!

    Cancel the Tim Cook appointment, something much more important has come up.

    Again, I would listen!

    Forget MAGA, Kanye needs to BICTB (Bring iCarly To Brazil).

    @kanyewest Hi Kanye, I’m here to ask you to help to bring iCarly to Brasil, please pay their paychecks since you are rich thank you

    Also, the account has been tweeting at Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian...

    @KimKardashian Hi Kim, since you are rich we would like to ask you to help us and bring iCarly to Brazil, you will do billions of people happy and I’m pretty sure you will get a lot of awards for that

    ...and frankly, I want to print this tweet out and frame it.

    Anyway, the internet has once again been a dumpster fire this week...but I think we can all agree, @iCarly312 has been the hero we need but don't deserve.


    h/t The Fader

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