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21 Things That Happened When I Went To A Cat Convention

I attended the inaugural CatCon LA this weekend, and this is what REALLY went down.

1. I hadn't even stepped foot in the convention center, but I was already picking up some serious feline vibes.

2. I admired the pawfectly themed elevators.

3. As were the bathrooms.

4. Of course, I saw some furbulous outfits.

5. Some people went ALL OUT with their outfits. This girl really was the cat's meow.

6. Like seriously, I saw SO. MANY. CAT. OUTFITS.

It was like Fashion Week, but for JUST cat-themed clothes.

7. And even though not EVERYONE was wearing feline-themed clothing, I noticed almost everyone had cat ears on.

8. I realized this was THE place to be in L.A. for the weekend.


10. Of course, I browsed through the INSANE cat-themed items for sale.

Like all this fancy cat porcelain? Including a statue of the Mother Mary and Baby Jesus, both in feline form. It was a little weird, TBH! But at least I learned I like my Baby Jesus in human form.

11. And I examined lots of cat art.

12. I hung out with your favorite Facebook Messenger cat, Pusheen!

13. You could get your nails done at a Caticure Bar, or have your Caticature drawn up by an artist (I didn't do either).

There were crazy lines for these, but great portmanteaus, guys.

14. I noticed there were really *interesting* ways that you could spend money on spoiling your cat.

15. I saw haute couture clothing for your kitty.

16. And I saw gourmet/organic cat treats, because this event was in L.A., after all.

17. And then I saw more high-end feline products, like a space-age kitty litter box and super-posh kitty litter.

For the discerning crazy cat ladies.

18. Probably the funniest thing I noticed in all of CatCon was "cat marijuana."

19. I realized there were actually VERY few real cats at CatCon.

It probably would have been a nightmare if there were — the place was loud and crowded, the exact opposite of the type of place you'd want to take a cat. The entire event was more a celebration of cat culture than actual cats...but there WAS a cordoned-off area for rescue cats, and a really long line to get in.

20. But when there WERE real cats, I had to fight my way through the crowd to see them.

21. And if you're lucky like me, you might...MIGHT...just snag a selfie with a celebricat.

And that's what happened when I went to CatCon LA!