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    26 Things That Drive Type-A People Insane

    It's hard out here being a BOSS.

    1. When your friends are taking too long to get ready and you know you're going to be late.


    The early bird is the fucking champ. Or something like that.

    2. And then when you tell them that you're going to be late, they tell you to "relax."


    How about you spend more time getting YOUR shit together, because I'm doing just fine.

    3. Actually, make that any time anyone tells you to "calm down."

    Warner Bros.

    How about YOU shut your mouth?

    4. And feeling "relaxed" actually makes you feel MORE stressed, because it's an unfamiliar feeling, and you know you should be getting shit done.

    Walt Disney

    Winning feels better than sitting on your butt, after all.

    5. When someone doesn't reply to one of your emails or texts RIGHT AWAY.


    Stop wasting my time.

    6. When your friends don't make concrete plans on the weekend. If you're going out, you want to go HARD.


    Work hard, play harder.

    7. On weekends, when your friends want to go to the beach or brunch, but all you really want to do is run errands, go to the gym, and GET SHIT DONE.


    Sorry, I'm busy running the world.

    8. Going to bed before having completed your to-do list for the day.

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    Incomplete just isn't going to cut it.

    9. You just cleaned your house or apartment, only for friends or family to come over and mess it all up again.

    10. And on a similar note, if you've ever organized something — like a bookshelf or bathroom cabinet — meticulously, only for someone to screw up your hard work.


    Put everything back where you found it. Is that too much to ask?

    11. Checking out at the supermarket, only to encounter several lines of DOOM.

    12. Having so much as a wrinkle in your outfit, because you ALWAYS need to look like a champ.


    You have to look good when you win after all.

    13. Not getting your coffee or tea the MINUTE you need it in the morning.


    Caffeine is the elixir of champions.

    14. Then being stuck behind someone in Starbucks who doesn't have their order ready.

    15. Your favorite, trusted Sharpie or highlighter running out right when you needed it most.

    16. Not having access to your calendar.

    17. Or your computer. Or at LEAST your phone.


    No Wi-Fi? More like Wi-Fucking bother.

    18. When you're in a team situation and you aren't in charge.


    Because you're Batman, not Robin.

    19. Getting caught in traffic...

    20. ... or if the subway/bus is running behind...

    I have my shit together. Why can't you?

    21. ...OR when you're walking behind slow people.



    22. When you see a mess or something out of order. You definitely didn't make it, but you feel obligated to fix it anyway.

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    Someone has to do it, right?

    23. Not having anything to do, even for five minutes.

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    Free time? What is that?

    24. If you're not surrounded by other type-A people.


    Where are my fellow winners?

    25. Actually, anytime you have to work in a group, because no one works as hard or as fast as you.


    Step aside, everyone.

    26. And most of all, not finishing in first place. You eat, breathe, and LIVE for winning.

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    Luckily, this doesn't happen too often. Because you're a fucking boss.