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19 Pictures That Are Too Damn Real When You're Six Foot Something

*Bumps head on everything.*

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1. When you step into the shower:

2. Seriously, HOW do you stay clean?!:

3. When people think they're the first one to ever ask this hilarious question:

4. Or another classic, "Do you play basketball?":

5. When taking a picture is next to impossible:

6. So it's probably just best if you crouch down for photos:

7. When this happens when you're flying:

8. And when you have to go to the bathroom on a plane, it's not much better:

9. When riding in cars isn't any better:

10. When it's pretty difficult trying to find a halfway decent pair of pants:

11. And when finding a nice shirt isn't any easier:

12. When you're literally punished for being...too tall:

13. When you're literally looking down on everyone in the room:

14. When you're plagued by this question:

15. When going to sleep isn't *THAT* easy:

16. When short people try to get on your level:

17. When you finally encounter the unicorn that is someone who is actually taller than you:

18. And when you realize the world wasn't made for people of your stature:

19. Tall guys: WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER!!!