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How Much Of A Diva Are You?

Are you the female version of a hustler?

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  1. Check off all of these that apply to you!

    You think you are royalty.
    Wait, scratch that. You KNOW you are royalty.
    Everyone else is a peasant.
    And they should bow down in your presence.
    You are not afraid of voicing your opinions.
    You are REALLY not afraid of voicing your opinions.
    That’s because you’re right, and they’re wrong.
    Your voice is loud.
    Your personality is loud.
    Actually, everything about you is loud.
    Like, you pretty much just have one volume: LOUD.
    That being said, you might sound your most threatening when you don’t even raise your own voice.
    It’s mainly because you’ve perfected the art of emphasizing the most important syllable in a word, to maximize dramatic effect.
    You also can say everything you want with your eyes.
    That’s because your resting bitchface is strong. Very strong.
    You also roll your eyes a lot.
    You also can do that thing where you laugh and smile, but it looks like you want to murder someone.
    Receiving a compliment from you is an incredible accomplishment.
    You are impatient.
    Like, you can’t stand to wait for anything. And that’s not a bad thing!
    The worst is when you have to wait in line for coffee at Starbucks.
    In a perfect world, Starbucks would have a “VIP” line just for you.
    Drinking coffee that isn’t Starbucks is sacrilegious and pains you greatly.
    You hate using public restrooms.
    In a perfect world, you would only do your business in the privacy of your own home. The peasants can have the public restrooms.
    You love when people hold doors open for you.
    Especially car doors.
    You always win arguments.
    You also ALWAYS have to have the last word.
    Really, at this point, people know better than to get in an argument with you. Unless they like losing.
    If something doesn’t go your way, you definitely “can’t even.”
    Or maybe you “literally can’t even.”
    Also, you frequently proclaim “I’m dying” when something isn’t to your liking, i.e., it’s too hot, so you’re “dying” from the heat.
    You always wear sunglasses.
    Sometimes, you even wear sunglasses indoors.
    Normally, you won’t leave the house unless you look ***Flawless.
    But sometimes, if you don’t give a fuck, you’ll leave in whatever, because people are just lucky to be around you.
    Actually, that’s a life motto for you: “I don’t give a fuck.”
    When you want something to happen, you want it to happen now.
    You’ve been called bossy, loud, obnoxious, or worse.
    It doesn’t bother you when people call you those things. Sticks and stones, baby.
    You’re definitely a little bit dramatic.
    And most of the time, you’re “so over” everything.
    Tap water just isn’t for you. At the very least, you need a Brita filter.
    But bottled water is preferable.
    Also, Diet Pepsi won’t do. It HAS to be Diet Coke.
    You like to sit at the head of the table.
    You like to sit shotgun in the car.
    You ABSOLUTELY have to have an aisle or window seat when you fly.
    You’re never early to any events.
    You’re never on time to any events.
    You’re ALWAYS fashionably late.
    You don’t walk, you strut.
    You don’t smile, you smize.
    You don’t sweat, you glisten.
    You don’t look, you glare.
    You don’t attend events, you grace people with your presence.
    You don’t just exist, you “radiate” and “glow.”
    It’s your way or the highway.
    But most important of all, you KNOW you are a diva and you own it.

How Much Of A Diva Are You?

You're not really a diva! You're polite, low-maintenance, and generally a pleasure to be around. Yeah, it's nice to be nice, but don't be afraid to speak your mind every now and then. You deserve it.

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You're a bit of a diva! You've got a little bit of sass running through your veins, and that's cool. But don't be afraid to turn up the attitude every now and then. You're a shining star, and you should act as such!

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You're a diva, plain and simple. You want your voice to be heard, and with good reason: You're kind of a big deal. Keep on owning every room you're in, because you're all that and a bag of chips!

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You're a big diva. You're loud and proud, and there is nothing wrong with that. Your personality is an 11 out of 10, so let it shine. Keep on strutting your strut!

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You're a huge diva. You've got a big voice and an even bigger personality. Yeah, you can be a little demanding to be around, but when you're as awesome as you are, it's worth it. Keep on doing your thang!

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You are a DIVA, all caps. No one is bigger, badder, or cooler than you. You never let anyone step on you, because you are always in charge. You can be a little difficult to be around, but who cares. Let the haters hate. You are AMAZING.

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