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How Many Items Have You Checked Off Your Bucket List?

Life's too short to sit on your butt!

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  1. 1. Check off any of these you have done in your life. Ever!

    You've gone skydiving.
    You've kissed someone.
    You've gone on a road trip.
    You've gone streaking.
    You've stayed up all night to watch the sun rise.
    You've been on a roller coaster.
    You've been snorkeling.
    You've been scuba diving.
    You've learned to play an instrument.
    You've learned to speak another language.
    You've fallen in love.
    You've done something charitable.
    You've purchased a physical CD or record.
    You've been to Disneyland and/or Disney World.
    You've lost your virginity.
    You got married.
    You bought a house.
    You had kids.
    You've lived in a different country.
    You've had a pet.
    You've seen your favorite band/artist perform live.
    You've done something crazy to your hair.
    You've slept on a beach.
    You've seen the Northern Lights.
    You've wished upon a shooting star.
    You've observed a solar eclipse.
    You've learned something crazy and/or awesome about your family's history.
    You've ordered everything on the menu at an amazing restaurant.
    You've eaten at the best restaurant in the world.
    You've met your idol.
    You've made the news.
    You've run a marathon.
    You've learned how to ride a bike.
    You've seen all of AFI's Top 100 Movies.
    You've climbed a mountain.
    You've thrown an amazing party.
    You've gone skinny-dipping.
    You've been to a protest or rally.
    You've voted.
    You've lived on your own.
    You've assembled Ikea furniture on your own successfully.
    You've been to prom.
    You've been on a safari.
    You've been to the Grand Canyon.
    You've been camping.
    You've cooked an entire meal — including dessert!
    You've achieved closure with an ex.
    You've spent a paycheck on something frivolous for yourself.
    You've stayed at a fancy hotel.
    You've been to a fancy spa.
    You've spent all day in bed, just because.
    You've scored your dream job.
    You've ridden a horse.
    You've played hooky from work or school.
    You've been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
    You've seen an opera.
    You've seen a ballet.
    You've been to a Broadway show.
    You've learned how to drive a car.
    You've tried sushi.
    You've swam in the ocean.
    You've driven across the country.
    You've traveled solo.
    You've traveled with friends.
    You've learned how to play a sport well.
    You've learned how to dance.
    You've been to all 50 states.
    You've been to the Eiffel Tower.
    You've been to the Great Wall of China.
    You've tried a really fancy wine.
    You've written a book.
    You've written a screenplay.
    You've been to a religious ceremony not of your faith.
    You've crashed a party.
    You've been in a wedding.
    You've attended a black-tie affair.
    You've been in a band.
    You've visited the White House.
    You've read a book in one sitting.
    You've set a Guinness World Record.
    You've communicated with someone who doesn't speak the same language as you.
    You've been to North America.
    You've been to South America.
    You've been to Asia.
    You've been to Australia.
    You've been to Africa.
    You've been to Europe.
    You've been to Antarctica.
    You've won a contest.
    You've run for some sort of leadership position.
    You've been on TV.
    You've been skiing.
    You've been surfing.
    You've been ice-skating.
    You've had a surprise party.
    You've cultivated a hobby.
    You've made a best friend.
    You've had your 15 minutes of fame.
    You've climbed a tree.
    You've been in a hot air balloon.
    You've won an award.
    You've given a speech.
    You've learned to swim.
    You've been rollerskating.
    You've gotten a tattoo.
    You've tried a food you were nervous to eat.
    You've told someone you love them.
    You've had sex somewhere adventurous.
    You've gotten lost somewhere on purpose.
    You've been on a game show.
    You've hooked up with someone "famous."
    You've been mistaken for a celebrity.
    You've gambled in Las Vegas.
    You've made a religious pilgrimage.
    You've hooked up with someone outside of your age range.
    You've gotten drunk.
    You've gotten high.
    You've made a bucket list!
    You've felt ALIVE.
    You've lived your life to the fullest.

How Many Items Have You Checked Off Your Bucket List?

You've got some living to do, but don't worry. You've got your whole life ahead of you to do it! Now get offline and get moving!

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You've checked a fair amount of items off your bucket list, but there is still so much more to experience! Never forget you have a whole world at your fingertips.

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Good work on checking off all these items on your bucket list, but you aren't done yet. You've got the easy ones down, but it's time to try some new things. Don't be scared, and get a move on it!

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Wow, good job! You're practically a bucket list champion, and perhaps even a daredevil. Keep up your "YOLO" spirit and never let a day go wasted!

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Holy smokes, you don't waste a day, do you?! Keep on using every opportunity to make new life experiences. Life is too short to waste any time!

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If there was a bucket list champion, it would be you. You never waste an opportunity to try something new. The only thing that can be said is keep on doing what you are doing. You truly are living life to the fullest!

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