How Long Would You Survive On "Game Of Thrones"?

If you’re not a Stark, you’re already off to a good start.

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  1. Check off any of the statements that apply to you!
    1. You are currently alive.
    2. You are a Stark.
    3. You have been sexually attracted to someone who wants to kill you.
    4. People are jealous of your lifestyle.
    5. You speak in a British accent.
    6. Your name is difficult to spell.
    7. Your name is difficult to pronounce.
    8. You plan on attending a wedding in the next month.
    9. You plan on attending a wedding in the next year.
    10. You are in a serious relationship.
    11. You are in a serious relationship with the possibility of engagement.
    12. You are engaged to be married.
    13. You would describe yourself as “nice” or “kind-hearted.”
    14. Your intentions are usually good.
    15. You have been or are in love.
    16. You usually “do the right thing.”
    17. You have a strong resting bitch face.
    18. Your wardrobe could be described as “fur-heavy.”
    19. You plan on taking a road trip in the near future.
    20. You drink red wine.
    21. You drink red wine often.
    22. Actually, you are drinking red wine right now.
    23. You normally assume your red wine is not poisoned.
    24. There are crows where you live.
    25. There are wolves where you live.
    26. There are dragons where you live.
    27. You sometimes forget to knock on doors before you walk into a room, to make sure someone isn’t busy in there (like having sex with their sibling, for instance).
    28. You have a strong rivalry with your siblings.
    29. You trust your friends.
    30. You REALLY trust your friends.
    31. You wouldn’t mind being king or queen of Westeros.
    32. You are actively trying to be king or queen of Westeros.
    33. You are a man.
    34. You are a man, and you still have your penis.
    35. You live somewhere cold.
    36. You live somewhere warm.
    37. You have worn a crown at some point in your life. Maybe you are wearing one right now.
    38. If you saw a gold coin on the ground, you would try to find its owner.
    39. When you hear “Rains Of Castamere” it is seriously a cause for concern.
    40. You have dumped someone you were in a serious relationship with.
    41. Or maybe you have reneged on a promise you were supposed to keep.
    42. You would have the balls to hit on Khaleesi.
    43. The missionary position sounds boring to you.
    44. You like to spice things up in the bedroom.
    45. Like, you are REALLY adventurous when it comes to sex.
    46. If you were asked to be Hand of the King, you would say yes.
    47. You ARE Hand of the King.
    48. You have facial hair.
    49. Your parents are super-controlling.
    50. Your uncle could possibly be your father.
    51. You are obsessed with paying off your debts.
    52. You hate people who are obsessed with paying off their debts.
    53. You are not above tattle-taling.
    54. Your hair game could be described as “strong.”
    55. You actually may be desperately in need of a haircut.
    56. You would consider some of your relatives to be a “dickhead” or a “little runt.”
    57. You would love nothing more than to sit on a giant metal chair made of swords.
    58. You know nothing.
    59. You know for a fact winter is coming.
    60. Hodor.

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