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OMG, Now We Know How Kylie Jenner Found Kim K's Earring At The Bottom Of The Ocean

Ariel is shook, Michael Phelps is CANCELED.

Unless Kris Jenner has used her sorcery to momentarily possess you and force you into clicking on another Kardashians article (which is entirely possible), you're here of your own volition. That means none of this "I can't believe someone was paid to write this" nonsense in the comments section. WE ARE THROUGH!!!

Moving on. You probably remember the ICONIC reality TV moment where Kim Kardashian lost one of her $75,000 earrings while swimming on vacation in Bora Bora...

...and of course, Kourtney put her on BLAST for it.

But die-hard Kardashian fans ALSO know all hope was not lost, because Kylie Jenner actually swam down to the bottom of the ocean and found Kim's earring! She's the hero Calabasas deserves!

Well, in an interview with BuzzFeed (AND PUPPIES) Kylie shared exactly how she went about her impossible mission of saving Kim's diamond earring.

View this video on YouTube

I think I did that thing where the video should start right where Kylie talks about the earring, but if I didn't, it starts around 4:58.

Here's what she had to say...and after hearing the story, you'll be convinced Kylie has the Little Mermaid shaking in her fins:

Surprisingly, it was easier than you'd think!

And who says the Kardashians don't have any talent?!