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21 Tweets That Will Make You LOL But Also Say "I'm Going To Hell"

That's it. Nothing more, nothing less.

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1. We'll start slow:

WHO is this bitch?? she knows she bad

2. Like, this isn't THAT bad:


6. Ever so slightly:

Me seeing the drug dealer I owe $300 to being sent back to jail

7. OK, like if you laughed at this it's bad but not THAT bad:

Probs going to Hell but tell me he isn't serving Virgin Mary realness

8. Same with this:


9. And this:

My girl Melanie came thru for us.

10. OK, but THIS is messed up:

Your timeline has now been blessed by mpreg Clippy

11. As is this:

12. And this:

PSA for librarians: occasionally check how the World Book encyclopedia is arranged on your shelves


13. OK, a quick breather:

Me when I've gathered enough information to catch my man in the lie he told me 132 days ago

15. Like, OMG:

when you're extremely high in public but holding it together flawlessly

16. *Clutches pearls*:


17. *Burns sage*:

18. *Rinses eyes with soap*:

19. We're almost done, I promise:

20. But buckle up, because we're about to finish on a good one:

21. *END SCENE*:

me w a boyfriend vs. me without