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29 Secrets Students Studying Abroad In Europe Won't Tell You

There isn't much studying going on, unless you count wine-tasting class.

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1. The "study" part of "study abroad" is optional, at best.


2. On that note, the only class that will matter when you are in Europe is the wine-tasting class you take with your friends.


3. The amount of gelato you consume will be a secret you take to the grave.

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4. And all of your textbook money will actually go to getting the GOOD European coffee.

5. You can say you're going to Amsterdam to visit the Anne Frank House or the Van Gogh Museum, but everyone knows what you REALLY are visiting for.

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6. Seeing Big Ben and Buckingham Palace is really cool, but the REAL reason you went to London was to take a picture at Platform 9 3/4.

7. Telling your parents you are "experiencing European culture" is really just code for saying you are going out five nights a week to the hottest clubs on the continent.


8. Nothing makes you feel more relieved than when locals can speak English, because lord knows your sorry ass only knows "beer" and "bathroom" in the native tongue.

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9. Without a doubt, your favorite part of living in Europe is a liter of boxed wine costs just a euro.

10. The easiest way to fit in is to hit up your local European H & M HARD.

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11. Trying absinthe may *sound* like a cool idea on paper, but the next morning serves as a not-so-gentle reminder that you were an idiot for doing so.

12. European soccer — sorry, football – matches will blow ANY American sporting event out of the water.


13. You'll miss peanut butter (a lot) but Nutella is MORE than a worthy substitute.

14. When you visit a local monument/attraction, everyone will have to get a group picture on their own phone, even though it makes so much more sense to use one camera and then share.

15. You definitely fried your roommate's hair dryer and had to go out and secretly buy them a new one because of these bad boys.

16. The exchange rate WILL suck, but you'll justify every purchase by thinking in your head, "Oh, 10 euros is like 10 dollars" even though that is SO far from the truth.


17. Your favorite way of interacting with locals is getting as much foreign tail as possible.


18. Taking a selfie with the Mona Lisa is mandatory. You can't return to America if you haven't completed this mission.

19. Finding a 15 euro flight is exceptionally rewarding, but there is nothing more adrenaline-rush-inducing than flying budget airlines, especially Ryanair. You get what you pay for!

20. You've probably had a nightmare about European laundry machines, OR hang-drying your clothes.

21. The hardest part of your semester is packing three days worth of clothes into a backpack for every weekend trip you take.

22. Not having a cell phone is surprisingly easier than you thought, but trying to watch your favorite TV shows? Now THAT struggle is real.


23. Having to pay for bread at the table is a trap you have fallen into way more than once.

24. You've mastered the art of sightseeing while hungover.


25. You love the concept of a siesta until you have to run out and grab groceries in the afternoon.


26. You actually really, really like using a bidet.

27. When it comes to how much pizza and pasta you will eat, the limit truly does not exist and you WILL come back to the States 15 pounds heavier.

28. Every time you visit a charming village or a beautiful castle, you pretend that you are in a Disney movie.


29. And finally, you'll be worn out and will want to return home to America, but you know the minute you step foot off the plane, you'll want to head right back to Europe.


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