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Here's What A Century Of Royal Wedding Dresses Looks Like

Basically, this is what real-life Disney Princesses would wear.

Let's be honest: Royal weddings are always a cause for celebration, but at the end of the BIG DAY, what we’re really excited about is the stunning bridal gowns.

Ever wanted to see all these fine fashion creations in one place? Well, Zalando, a European clothing company, has released a graphic with wedding gowns from royal nuptials from the past century.

The graphic covers everything from Elizabeth of England's 1923 silk wedding dress to Tatiana of Monaco's stunning gown from 2013, and trust me: You'll be saying "I do!" to all of them.

Great choices all around, and congrats ladies!

You can play with a full, interactive version of the graphic here that also includes Sofia of Sweden's dress from this year.