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Here's What A Century Of Royal Wedding Dresses Looks Like

Basically, this is what real-life Disney Princesses would wear.

Let's be honest: Royal weddings are always a cause for celebration, but at the end of the BIG DAY, what we’re really excited about is the stunning bridal gowns.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Ever wanted to see all these fine fashion creations in one place? Well, Zalando, a European clothing company, has released a graphic with wedding gowns from royal nuptials from the past century.

Afp / Getty Images

The graphic covers everything from Elizabeth of England's 1923 silk wedding dress to Tatiana of Monaco's stunning gown from 2013, and trust me: You'll be saying "I do!" to all of them.

Great choices all around, and congrats ladies!

You can play with a full, interactive version of the graphic here that also includes Sofia of Sweden's dress from this year.