Gay Guys Pose With The Animals They're Most Afraid Of

    Snakes, birds, lizards, rats, OH MY!

    Hello BuzzFriends! We're Stephen, Fernando, Ryann, and Sam. As four gay men living in a big city, we don't spend a lot of time around wild animals — unless you count all those otters, bears, and cubs at Pride.

    That's why BuzzFeed gave us a challenge: Do a photoshoot with the animals that terrify us most. If we survived, we'd have a cool story and a cute Instagram (all that matters, TBH). If we didn't...well, we were hoping it didn't come to that.

    Anyway, watch the video to find out exactly what went down:

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    Stephen posed with a snake:

    Sam posed with a bird:

    Ryann posed with a lizard:

    Fernando posed with a rat:


    Stephen: I'm still kinda mad at the boys for lying about my snake being poisonous, but I couldn't have gotten through this without them.

    Sam: Honestly, I'm proud that we all got through an experience that we were thoroughly dreading. Let's just say the score is Gays 4, Terrifying Animals 0.

    Ryann: I still hate reptiles, but me and that lizard could definitely hang.

    Fernando: We got some good Instagrams out of it, and that's all that matters.

    Honestly, we did pretty well. Not bad for some gays with no talent!