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This Picture Of Guy Fieri Pointing At 50 Cent Will Give You Bromance Chills

You cannot cook up a more unlikely duo.

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We all know how much Guy Fieri likes to point at things in pictures.

Paul Marotta / Getty Images

Well, Guy just outdid himself because he ran into 50 Cent backstage at LIVE with Kelly and Michael. Luckily for us plebes, he captured this ~ candid moment ~ with him pointing his finger at 50, natch.

Ran into @50cent backstage at @KellyandMichael

Guy Fieri@GuyFieri

Ran into @50cent backstage at @KellyandMichael

11:57 AM - 02 Jun 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

But if you zoom in close on his pointing hand...


You can clearly see that he is zapping Fiddy with his powerful "Bro Rays" via his magical "Bro Ring."

If you analyze Fiddy's facial expression, it seems to be WORKING.


Keep pointing, Guy. Keep pointing.

Food Network / Via

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