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18 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Anyone Who's Been In A Group Text

It's like Lord of the Flies, but on your phone.

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1. First, you know that being stuck in a group text is an emotional roller coaster:

2. Like, it means your phone is BASICALLY blowing up:

3. SERIOUSLY, your phone will not stop going off:

4. Or just as bad, when all you hear is crickets:

5. When the degree of difficulty to get anything done is WAY too high:

6. Because you really don't stand a chance of knowing what's going down:

Disney / Via

7. And getting caught up seems damn near impossible:

Dreamworks / Via

8. Or when you're the only one in the group text who has their shit together:

WB / Via

9. When your group text nearly has a larger population than the state of Wyoming:

10. When someone gets dropped out of the group text and you know shit is about to get real:

CBS / Via

11. Or similarly, when the drama from a group text starts to spill over into real life:

ABC / Via

12. When the drama is just as juicy, but it's sort of fun because you're not involved:


13. When that one person who doesn't really need to be in the group text finally breaks:

14. The calm before the group chat storm:

15. When you just wish the madness would end, but there's no stop in sight:

16. And when it gets bad, and you're questioning why you even associate with the people in the group chat in the first place:

17. When there's THAT one person in your group chat:

18. And finally, when this perfectly sums up how you feel about group texts:

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