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27 Songs You Totally Forgot You Grinded To In The '00s

#TBT to all those awkward, sweaty middle school dances.

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1. "1 Thing" by Amerie

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: Oh ya, this one jam had us trippin'. Those horns! That choreo. Yeah, Amerie was a one-hit wonder. But boy, what a hit this was. "1 Thing" was definitely not a slow-grind song; it had you gross and sweaty with your dance partner. But really, were you complaining?

2. "Pop, Lock & Drop It" by Huey

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: When you weren't attempting that groovy grind to this song, you were attempting the "Pop, Lock & Drop It" and probably nearly blowing your hip out in the process. Although there always was that one friend who could pop their booty perfectly. Damn.

3. "Boys (The Co-Ed Remix)" by Britney Spears feat. Pharrell

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: In the '00s, a little Pharrell went a long evidenced by his guest spot on this hot-and-heavy Britney track. Yeah, there are better Britney songs from the time period out there — "Toxic" obvi — but when it comes down to grinding with your boo, it's hard to beat "Boys." This is sultry, sexy Britney at her best.

4. "Get Low" by Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: If there was a hall of fame for grinding music, this song would be a first-ballot entry. Basically, "Get Low" was the song that single-handedly ushered an entire generation through puberty, from the windows to the wall. We are eternally grateful to Lil Jon.

5. "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)" by Khia

Artemis Records / Via

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: This song makes "Get Low" seem like a song your church choir would sing at Sunday mass; it is NAZZZZTY in the absolute best way possible. This song definitely was way too inappropriate to play at middle school dances, but you still found a way to listen to it without your parents finding out. Duh.

6. "This Is Why I'm Hot" by Mims

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: No one knows where Mims or his career are right now, but our '00s are indebted to this song with its genius lyrics like "I'm hot 'cause I'm fly / You ain't 'cause you not." Amazing stuff; the song that grinding memories were made to.

7. "American Boy" by Estelle feat. Kanye West

Warner Bros.

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: This song is a little groovier; the type of song that requires a bit more of a hip thrust. BUT WE ALL KNOW YOU WERE UP TO IT. Bonus points if you ever had a dance floor makeout to this song.

8. "The Bad Touch" by Bloodhound Gang

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: Forget sex ed; this song is what REALLY taught us about what bumping uglies, doing the nasty, and getting it on was supposed to be like. Bloodhound Gang, A+ job. When you weren't chanting along to iconic lyrics like "Put your hands down my pants and I'll bet you'll feel nuts," you were definitely grinding like an animal to this jam.

9. "Lean Back" by Terror Squad

Universal Records

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: If you're not attempting the "Lean Back" right now, you're no fun and should never attend a party. For everyone else, you definitely remember how important Fat Joe and co. were to grinding music back in the day. He was the Michelangelo of crafting grinding jams for sure.

10. "A Bay Bay" by Hurricane Chris

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: A bay bay. A bay bay. A bay bay. Tell me you're not repeating those three words in your head, over and over, right now. I DARE YOU. Great grinding jam, for sure.

11. "Señorita" by Justin Timberlake feat. Pharrell

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: You jammed out to "Rock Your Body" and slow-danced to "Cry Me A River"; "Señorita" was the song reserved for sober groovy grinding in front of your middle school teachers, LOL. Thank you, Justin Timberlake. And look, grindmaster Pharrell is on the list again!

12. "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: This was THE pop rock song to grind to in the '00s, and with good reason: It was the national anthem of MILFdom. Puberty was awkward AF; grinding to songs like "Stacy's Mom" was the only way to make that awkwardness better and also worse at the same time.

13. "All for You" by Janet Jackson

Sony Music

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: OK, this song is a real throwback, because it was released at the beginning of the decade. But you didn't think we were going to omit Janet Jackson from this list, did you? It's light, fun, and flirty, the perfect summer grinding song.

14. "Tipsy" by J-Kwon

Sony Music

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: That heavy beat was THE perfect rhythm to grind to with your bae — it's as if J-Kwon KNEW the grinding impact this song would have before he released it. Forget errbody in the club getting tipsy. Errbody in the club was getting GRINDY. And by club, I mean middle school dance floors everywhere in America.

15. "Ridin'" by Chamillionaire


~GrInDiNg MeMz~: All of us liked to *think* we knew what "ridin' dirty" really meant, but who really cared? We were all too busy grindin' dirty! It's a scientific fact: Chamillionaire crafted the perfect grinding song. HIS IMPACT.

16. "Laffy Taffy" by D4L

Warner Music

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: That finger snap and chime was a gift from the grinding gods; how could you NOT grind to this song? It was the perfect rhythm; you couldn't work up TOO much of a sweat. It's just a relaxed, low-key grind jam. YES.

17. "Check On It" by Beyoncé feat. Bun B and Slim Thug

Sony Music

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: Before she was Queen of the Illuminati, Beyoncé was crafting grinding anthems like "Baby Boy" and "Naughty Girl." This joint off the Pink Panther soundtrack is the perfect '00s grinding jam: It got you a little sweaty, super close to your dance partner, and if you played your cards right, your were making out during Slim Thug's verse.

18. "I Wanna Be Bad" by Willa Ford

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: This is the poppier, dancier entry on this list; it might have even had you grinding with your dance floor partner face-to-face. Yeah, you might have been sober at your middle school dance. But you wanted to be BAD. And this song allowed you to!

19. "Butterfly" by Crazy Town

Sony Music

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: This is the angsty grinding song, definitely the type that you hope played a little later in the evening. But with that beat, you definitely had your fair share of grinding moments to this song. And maybe even a few DFMOs (dance floor make outs).

20. "London Bridge" by Fergie

Universal Music

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: In true pop music fashion, Miss Fergie Fergs sexualized an inanimate object — in this case, a historical monument. Fantastic, because this only meant more grinding opportunities for you. For this and "Fergalicious," the Black Eyed Peas songstress is a grinding anthem hall-of-famer.

21. "SOS" by Rihanna

Universal Music

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: Bad Gal RiRi has her fair share of grinding classics from the '00s, but "SOS" does NOT get the attention it so justly deserves. I mean, with that "Tainted Love" sample, what else were you supposed to do? We've never felt like this before...

22. "We Be Burnin'" by Sean Paul

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: Sean Paul was an artisan of the '00s grind track; remember "Temperature"? Thought so. But "We Be Burnin'" is the perfect grinding track in that it raised your gym class dance floor temp a few degrees, and the sweat poured like rain. Amen, Sean Paul.

23. "What's Luv" by Fat Joe feat. Ja Rule and Ashanti

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: DAMN, three grinding heavy-hitters: Fat Joe, Ja Rule, and Ashanti. Those three names ALONE are enough to warrant an entry on this list, but "What's Luv" is ACTUALLY a great grinding song...and it still sounds so dope.

24. "Oops (Oh My)" by Tweet feat. Missy Elliott

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: Missy Elliott HAD to make this song in some way, shape, or form; what better way than this ICONIC jam from Tweet herself? It's slow, sultry, and contains a banging beat. Yup, this grinding anthem is a must-have for this list.

25. "Lapdance" by N.E.R.D.

Sony Music

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: Face it, just the THOUGHT of an actual lap dance was too much to handle at the time, so N.E.R.D.'s banger would have to do. Yup, Pharrell is on this list AGAIN. He basically blessed a generation of middle school dances with his bangers. THANKS, P!

26. "Me & U" by Cassie

Warner Bros.

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: This song was almost TOO sultry to be grinding to, but you definitely did it anyway. This is Cassie's best-known song, and with good reason: SO MANY DFMOs happened when it played. ~I can see u want me 2~.

27. "Get Right" by Jennifer Lopez

~GrInDiNg MeMz~: All right, we're actually going to end it with a party starter, the fiery, fierce track from Miss Jenny From the Block herself. That sax horn! That beat! JLo knows a thing or two about breaking it down, but this has to be one of her best grinding tracks. YOU GO SLAY-LO!!!

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