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    24 Hilarious Gay Memes From Best Of Grindr That Are Guaranteed To Make You Gay Cackle

    "Gay people walk quickly because we constantly have "Toxic" by Britney Spears (143 bpm) playing in our heads whereas straight people have "Closer" by the Chainsmokers (95 bpm)."

    As a gay man, I subsist on a diet that mainly consists on online validation from strangers, iced coffee, and MEMES.


    And when I'm not scrolling through pictures of random hot guys and pop stars on Instagram, I'm usually getting gagged by whatever way-too-relatable memes are being posted on @best_of_grindr.

    1. Like anytime you went clothes shopping as a kid, and your eyes spent a little too much time here:

    2. Or you knew the lyrics to a Britney/Madonna/Gaga/Rihanna song way too well as a baby gay:

    3. Gym class was probably a nightmare:

    4. And some of us definitely remember being asked THIS pointed question:

    5. But there were some highlights too. Like picking Princess Peach in MarioKart:

    Twitter: @jdgmntlgay / Comedy Central / Via

    6. But now? Well, this is you today:

    7. And this is you now, literally, spooky AF during Halloween season (the most important gay holiday there is): / Via LOGO

    8. The thirst is real. Like, the CIA has nothing on thirsty gays:

    9. And if you've ever walked on a sidewalk behind a straight couple, you know THIS is true too:

    10. And you've definitely had this interaction before:

    11. The difference in clothing is also pretty stark:

    12. You also know who you REALLY want to vote for in 2020:

    13. This was you on Instagram this summer, lost in a sea of abs:

    14. And as for beverages, hot coffee is a no-go:

    15. Seriously, iced coffee is a four-season beverage: / Via NBC

    16. This is you at the office if you're the lone gay:

    17. Until this happens, of course:

    18. If you're gay, you just see the world for what it is:

    19. And you're basically a philanthropist by nature:

    Bravo / Via

    20. Although if you think fashion is your strong suit, it might not be:

    21. A reminder that height is not a substitute for personality, but some gays think it is:

    22. The best part of going to Disney, of course:

    23. Low-key one of the best parts of being gay is choosing your gay family:

    24. And finally, the haters can back off:

    And check out more gay memes at @best_of_grindr