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26 Tweets Only "Game Of Thrones" Fans Will Find Funny

Like Ramsay Bolton, these jokes will kill you.

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1. This tweet, although it takes avoiding spoilers a little *too* far:

Avoiding Game of Thrones spoilers is easy. Don't read any articles online, avoid logging into social media and kill your office colleagues.

2. When a TV show really, really screws with your emotions:

You know you've watched too much Game of Thrones when you can't experience a sentimental moment without wondering who's about to get stabbed

3. When this is you at the beginning of every episode:

[watching Game of Thrones] last week was great, I paid attention to everything! TV: last week on GoT.. Me: when the hell did that happen?!

4. When you wonder how they come up with all those character names:

[game of thrones writers meeting] "Who can we hire to create fucked up names" DENISE: [reading 'Daenerys' on Starbucks cup] I have an idea

5. When TV puts real life into perspective:

It's funny when people think anything besides Game of Thrones is important on Mondays. What's that? You have problems? So does Westeros.

6. When you confuse long-deceased characters for famous rockers:

my favorite game of thrones character is Dave Navarro

7. Also, you probably shouldn't be taking career advice from the show or books:

Reminder not to cite "game of thrones" as my motivation for getting in to politics.

8. When people really, really need a history lesson:

It's nuts how often I hear people say "back in Game of Thrones times.." Dude.

9. When nothing is more difficult than remembering character names:

I started "Game of Thrones" last night. I'm having a panic attack over the names. Am I supposed to remember all of them? Walk me thru it.

10. Now you're counting on Melisandre to fix everything:

"hey, don't worry about, she can just bring them back to life or whatever." -me, every time someone dies on game of thrones from now on.

11. When you've watched enough episodes to understand this truth:

You know you're in deep shit when your reality is more dreading than a Game of Thrones episode.

12. When even GoT can slip in some potty humor:

Favorite moment from tonight's Game of Thrones episode

13. If Ramsay Bolton was running for public office:

Ramsay Bolton's unfavorables are through the roof and he has a marked problem with women but his unconventional approach has worked.

14. When you think about what the craziest possible ending for the show could be:

the series finale of Game of Thrones will be the camera pulling back & revealing it was a snowglobe and the owner is watching sports instead

15. When you hate Olly THIS much:

Is anybody else hoping Melisandre brings back Olly? Just so we can see him die again.

16. When GoT might have seemed a little too similar to Weekend at Bernie's:

"Previously...on Game Of Thrones:"

17. If the Night's Watch were a little more like a normal company:

Jon Snow: "My watch has ended." Bob from HR: "Yeah, Jon, not to be 'that guy,' but you technically owe some hours from when you were dead."

18. When Jon Snow wasn't the only thing resurrected:


19. Basically Daenerys's entire storyline in less than 140 characters:

20. And also if Khaleesi ever needed caffeine:

Coffee in Westeros ☕️ #GameofThrones

21. When revenge and deceit is a little *too* prevalent on your favorite show:

If I lived in Westeros I'd start every conversation with "you can stab me if you want but it won't be blowing my mind."

22. If Westeros was a little more like Hamilton:

You know, the history of Westeros would be a lot more interesting if its founding fathers rapped

23. When prom season and Game of Thrones run concurrently:

It's prom season and here's a gentle reminder to Game of Thrones fans: you do NOT become Prom King if you kill the Prom King.

24. When someone miraculously finds a show they'd rather watch than GoT:

More excited for Masterchef Australia restarting than Game of Thrones. If you're killing living things. May as well see who cooks them best!

25. Imagine this crossover between Marvel and Game of Thrones:

I want to see Hodor and Groot have a rap battle.

26. And finally, this plot twist that would give a new meaning to the IRON Throne:

What if Game of Thrones is really just a long origin story for Tony Stark?