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Katy Perry's Backup Dancer Is The Man Candy You Deserve

You may just ROAR when you see him.

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Ladies and gentlemen, introduce yourselves to Lockhart Brownlie, a Tasmanian dancer currently on tour with Katy Perry.

What, you thought people actually went to one of KP's concerts JUST for the music?

He's even attracted the attention of Taylor Swift.

All that dancing means his body is pretty much an 11 out of 10.

He's so good-looking, you might even think he has been photoshopped to look this handsome.

But your eyes do not deceive you.

All of this manly perfection is 100% AUTHENTIC.

Those washboard abs? They are very, VERY real.

As are those jacked biceps that could crush a python.

Same with those sultry baby blue eyes.

His golden beard is so real, even Kate Hudson can't keep her hands off.

All of that junk in his trunk? That's real too. #BLESSED

Nope, that's not one of the characters from Mad Men. That's Lockhart in a suit and tie.

He even can rock a Speedo. How many other guys can say that? Answer: VERY few.


But seriously, I think we have found the REAL star of the Prismatic tour.

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