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You Know Who's Actually Legit Fucking Awesome? Flo Rida. And Let Me Tell You Why...


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Now I know what you're thinking: Heck, doesn't even MACKLEMORE qualify as a better rapper? We can argue about taste all day...but when it comes to college frat party, cheap beer sipping, random-ass song sampling hits, NO ONE is in Mr. Rida's league. NO ONE.

Don't act like you're surprised. Flo Rida has been spitting FIRE for the past 10 years, ever since he arrived on the scene in 2007 (YES IT HAS BEEN THAT LONG) with "Low" (from the iconic Step Up 2 soundtrack).

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And for the past decade (YES, 10 WHOLE YEARS) he's been dropping hits like it's no one's business. Remember "Right Round", the iconic bop that introduced us all to Ke$ha???

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Even though she wasn't credited :/


How about "Sugar"?! Like, how many other artists can sample "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" by Eiffel 65 and make an AMAZING track out of it? Only one: Flo Rida.

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This shouldn't be possible, but Flo Rida: DID THAT.

The hits didn't stop there! Remember the iconic "Club Can't Handle Me"?!? Talk about a bop.

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A song.

And just to show off and prove that he's the king of samples, Mr. Rida went out and dropped a sample within a sample: "Good Feeling", which sampled an Avicii song which had sampled an Etta James song to begin with.

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My head is spinning just thinking about it, but this is a jam.

And when you think of the iconic early 2010s collabs, "Where Dem Girls At" with David Guetta and Nicki Minaj belongs near the TOP of the list.

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This is one of those songs you scream-shout all the lyrics to.

One word: "Whistle."

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And he's not just some legacy act! "My House" is a legit bop and has nearly half a BILLION (yes with a B) streams on Spotify.

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My younger sister says all the Greek houses at her college play it. Talk about #IMPACT.

And finally, I would be remiss if I didn't talk about how Flo Rida's stage name is literally "Florida" (his home state) split into two words...because he literally rides the flow. ICONIC.

Check out that mic stand. When I learned this it BLEW my mind.