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    18 Times Fiona Was So Relatable She Made You Say "Can I Be BFFs With A Hippo?"

    She's so HIP.

    1. When you log on to Facebook and see that ANOTHER person you went to high school with got engaged over the weekend:

    2. When you're in the group chat and you're about to spill some MAJOR tea:

    3. When you see a hot guy running on the sidewalk while you're driving and you're trying your hardest to keep your eyes on the road:

    4. When you're posing for cute pictures with your BFF and you're feeling your look so you decide to post something a little sassier than usual:

    5. When you're a little buzzed, and you're feeling your look a little too hard in pictures:

    6. When you know your BFF so well you can basically tell jokes by ESP:

    7. When you and your BFF are finishing your drinks to get one more round at happy hour:

    8. When you hear someone mutter something under their breath, and you aren't taking crap from ANYONE because you know your squad's got your back:

    9. When you just had several drinks and several MORE slices of pizza, but you're still feeling your ~LEWK~:

    10. When your BFF comes to you with that good gossip and you can barely contain your excitement:

    11. When you get home from a night out and you can't decide if you should have some pizza before going to sleep or head straight to bed:

    12. When you're online shopping and you check your cart and realize you're about to spend $263 when all you needed was one shirt:

    13. When your friend THINKS they're spilling the tea but you already know it all, so you have to act surprised anyway:

    14. When you're about to fall asleep and then remember something petty you did earlier in the day:

    15. When you take like 100 selfies and you're trying to decide which one is cutest so you can post it:

    16. When someone tries to talk to you before you've had your first iced coffee of the day:

    17. When you see your friend open a bottle of rosé from across the room:

    18. And finally, when your friend texts you, "See you in 15 minutes!" and you haven't even gotten out of the shower yet: