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    Only Click This Post If You Want To Wish Fiona The Hippo A Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday, Fiona!

    It's January 24, so you know what that means: It's the *MOST* important holiday of the year. New Year's Eve is shaking, Halloween is cancelled, and Valentine's Day is rotting, because the only holiday that matters is Fiona the Hippo's first birthday.

    If you have a pulse, you know that Fiona was the best part of 2017, hands down. Or is that hooves down? We're talking about hippos, after all. And I know that she has nothing but BIG plans for 2018.

    Twitter / Cincinnati Zoo

    We almost didn't make it this far. Fiona was born prematurely, and for a while it looked like she might not survive.

    But Fiona is a frickin' SURVIVOR, and she persevered through her health struggles with the help of the staff at the Cincinnati Zoo like the true champion that she is.

    And since then, we've watched her grow up and cheered her on every step and shimmy along the way.

    Twitter / Cincinnati Zoo

    Whether she was every person who's been single while they see all their friends get engaged...

    ...making inter-species friends...

    ...hanging with her hippo family...

    ...striking a pose...

    ...becoming an accomplished artist...

    ...or even just FARTING, Fiona has touched the hearts of countless adoring fans.

    Cincinnati Zoo / Instagram

    I've written about Fiona a lot, and given several interviews about her. The thing is, words don't do her justice. She's a ball of energy and cute as hell. She's a survivor and she's a social media sensation. But most of all, she's a force of relentless positivity when we really need it most. She's the sassy and gassy queen we need in these trying times — an unproblematic and unbothered ICON (and I know I use that word a lot, but I really mean it here).

    And I just want to say, Fiona is as magical in person as she is online.

    Here's to another amazing hippo-filled year!

    Happy Birthday, Fiona!

    Cincinnati Zoo / Instagram

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