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A Bird Flew Into A Bernie Sanders Event And The Crowd Went Wild

The race to the White House just took flight.

During a rally in Portland, Oregon, on Friday, a bird landed on presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' lectern and the crowd LOST. THEIR. SHIT.

People flip out over bird joining Bernie at the lectern.

Here's another video of the avian friend, from a different angle:

Feel The Bird: A little bird interrupts Bernie Sanders and joins him at the lectern at rally in Portland, Oregon. https://t.co/jsWYuoecS2

Bernie acknowledged the bird when it flew near the podium, but when it landed right in front of him...well, his reaction was PRICELESS.

Seriously, can you sense the historical weight of this moment?

And the audience LOVED the little birdie too, and gave the winged critter a well-deserved standing ovation.

This girl was LIVING. HER. BEST. DAMN. LIFE. because of the bird...

...and this dude was wondering if what he was seeing was too good to be true.

Even the Bern himself got into the action on Twitter.

Why #FeelTheBern when you can #FeelTheBird?

h/t Politico.