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    We Need To Talk About How Lucas' Sister Erica Is The Best Part Of "Stranger Things"

    "It's called Code Shut Your Mouth."

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    It's kind of difficult picking a favorite Stranger Things character. Eleven! Hopper! Dustin! Steve's hair! However, we're here to tell you that all of these characters are actually only in the running to be your SECOND favorite.


    That's because Erica Sinclair (Lucas' younger sister) is hands down the best character on Stranger Things and we're here to tell you why.


    We first meet Erica when Lucas is taking pictures in his Ghostbusters outfit. We know the residents have to worry about the Smoke Monster and Demigorgons but there ANYTHING more terrifying than Erica's acerbic reads?


    Erica: God. You are such a nerd.

    Lucas: Shut up.

    Erica: No wonder you only hang out with boys.

    Mrs. Sinclair: Erica!

    Erica: Just the facts. *mouths* NERD.

    We should have known Erica and her sharp tongue were just getting started. Eleven and her Eggo waffles are absolutely SHAKING, because Miss Erica (and her gobs of Mrs. Butterswort's syrup) have just been crowned the Queen of Breakfast:


    Mrs. Sinclair: That's enough, Erica.

    Erica: *Pours more syrup* Uh-uh. *Pours more syrup* Sorry...

    It's arguable that Erica cemented her status as an icon when Dustin called Lucas' walkie-talkie and she picked up and had absolutely NO time for his Demigorgon bullshit:


    Like, she clapped back so hard she almost sent Dustin to the Upside Down:


    And she waited for the PERFECT moment to tease her beloved other brother:


    In summary...this is how we feel about Erica:


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