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Ellen Made Kris Jenner Shop At The 99 Cents Only Store, And She Deserves An Oscar

Kris, you're doing amazing sweetie.

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Everyone knows Kris Jenner is a frickin' BOSS who popped out five badass ladies and helped turn them into the most powerful family in show business — despite the fact they don't sing, they don't act, and they don't write. That, my friends, is truly iconic. / Via @kimkardashian

But even mogul moms need to shop for a bargain every now and then. So when Ellen had Kris shop at the 99 Cents Only Store while she directed her through an earpiece, you *KNEW* it was going to be amazing. And our ladies didn't disappoint:

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The segment had EVERYTHING you could possibly want and more, from Kris Jenner announcing her presence to the cashier...

...sharing a little TMI (and the cashier's priceless reaction)...

...Kris laughing maniacally...

...asking insane party questions...

...putting on a $4.99 robe...

...asking the cashier if she'd like to be on her family's show...

...and even MORE deranged laughter.

Um...can we get a full series of Ellen and Kris going around the country pranking people? Thank you in advance!


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