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    Literally Just A Bunch Of Times Dwight And Angela Were The Best Part Of "The Office"

    "Save Bandit!"

    1. This exchange, which sums up their relationship perfectly:

    2. But also when Angela and Dwight's conversation alarmed Ryan:

    3. When Angela shared this interesting tidbit about her past:

    4. When Dwight made this unfortunate mistake while interviewing Creed:

    5. When Angela knew that cats > people:

    6. Dwight and Jim's battle of lookalikes:

    7. When Angela tried to act cool in a crisis:

    8. When Dwight made this very valid point:

    9. When Angela held out hope for Oscar:

    10. When Dwight made this unfortunate linguistic slip-up:

    11. When Angela couldn't handle Kelly's energy:

    12. When Dwight said this and we were all like, "Huh?!":

    13. When Angela's face said it all:

    14. When Michael had the perfect reply to Dwight:

    15. But also the time Dwight got Michael good:

    16. When Angela was shady AF to Pam:

    17. When Dwight hated crowds:

    18. When Angela talked about some Martin family lingo:

    19. When Dwight "apologized":

    20. When Angela gave us some sartorial advice:

    21. When Dwight imagined some Scranton history:

    22. When Angela clapped the hell back at Pam:

    23. When Dwight and Angela were low-key relationship goals:

    24. Because, yeah, they were the best part of The Office:

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