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    OMG, You Need To See This Drag Queen's Magical Lord Voldemort Performance

    Accio my wig!

    The year is 2018, and it feels like most of the time, the internet is a dumpster fire fueled by a thousand smaller dumpster fires burning in one big dumpster.


    But every now and then, something GOOD happens online. My current obsession this week is a drag queen performing as Lord Voldemort — or Lady Voldemort, I should say.


    Pun fully intended, but this performance by drag queen Florida Man is absolutely MAGICAL. Yes, this is a grab-your-headphones-and-enjoy type situation. Or, even better, gather everyone in your vicinity to watch together. It's THAT good.

    Since being shared on Twitter, the video of Florida Man/Lady Voldemort has been viewed more than 1.75 million times.

    The performance starts simple enough — a leggy She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named lip-syncing for her life (and seven horcruxes, maybe) to Ariana Grande's "Dangerous Woman."

    But then Miss Riddle goes off, with a spell-binding reveal...

    ...and even brings a sexy Gryffindor on stage.

    Since this involves the gays, the performance ends with dueling wands (see what I did there)...

    ...seriously, it's as if Lady Voldemort screamed, "Avada Kedavra" at me, because I am DECEASED.

    Lady Voldemort is a new character Florida Man has been working on, and her full name is Lady Gigi Voldemort. BuzzFeed got the scoop from the Dark Lady HERSELF about her magical character and performance.

    Warner Bros.

    Florida Man (real name: Walter Latimer) says that Harry was the same age when all the books came out, so they "grew up" with the boy wizard.

    "But for a series with hundreds of characters, the fact that no characters were openly queer in the books or movies was discouraging. This character, for me, is about reimagining what a queerer universe for Harry Potter could look like," Florida Man said.

    Florida Man also said the performance going viral is a "huge step" in realizing dreams of a drag career, and is "ultimately humbled by all the opportunities this is creating for me."

    The drag queen said the cherry on top for the experience would be if Ariana Grande, J.K. Rowling, or Sasha Velour saw the performance.

    Judging by Lady Voldemort's performance, I'd say mischief managed — and THEN some.

    Warner Bros.

    Be sure to follow Florida Maniac on Instagram and Twitter, and you can tip her for her ENCHANTING performance as well!

    Y’all liked lady voldemort? This shit ain’t cheap! Tip that bussy that must not be named on Venmo! I’m @floridamaniac 🤪


    This post has been updated to include Florida Man's birth name, Walter Latimer.