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Donald Trump Did A Major Fashion No-No Today And Everyone Noticed

POTUS cannot matchus.

I'll cut to the chase. Former reality TV host and steak salesman Donald Trump held a meeting at the White House today with Senator Tim Scott and I'll give you one guess as to what is going on with his outfit here:

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

Yup, it looks like his jacket does NOT match his pants — the top of his outfit is navy, while the bottom is black. Whoops!

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

It certainly is a jarring look, but let's be honest, I'm no fashionista. So I turned to our Style Editor, Julie Gerstein, to figure out what is so wrong with the outfit.

"It’s possible to pull [navy and black] off, but in this case it just looks like he accidentally paired two pieces from two different suits."

Of course, people on the internet were quick to notice... Trump wearing a navy jacket with black pants?

...and call out Donald on his fashion faux pas.

Shoutout to the person in the newsroom who also noticed @realDonaldTrump is wearing a navy jacket with black pants…

Recognition quickly gave way to anger...

Trump's jacket and pants don't match jesus christ almighty people questioned HOW Donald made such a critical sartorial mistake.

A couple of things here: 1. Those are awesome socks. 2. Is Trump really wearing a blue jacket with black pants?

Anger then shifted to comparing Trump's mismatch to President Obama's infamous tan suit...

Is Trump wearing a navy suit jacket and black pants?!?!?! This is the next tan suit gate

Although, can you *REALLY* compare the two?


I guess not.

petty tweet: obama wore a tan suit & got dragged by the crusties at fox news yet trump wore a navy jacket & black p…

And finally, The Daily Show had a *pretty* good theory as to how this whole mix-up happened:

Anyway...better luck with your outfit next time, Donald!

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