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24 Sassy Villain Comebacks Every Disney Fan Still Uses

Being bad always feels good.

1. When your friends are being a bunch of idiots.

2. When your friend has no clue how to flirt with a guy.

3. When your friend tries to explain something to you like you're an idiot.

4. When someone calls you out on flaking out of going to last night's party.

5. When everyone is drunk at the club and you're ready to bust out some sick dance moves.

6. When your friend talks about this total cutie she hooked up with last night might be The One.

7. When an army of basic bitches walks into the bar you are at.

8. When someone tries to go shot-for-shot with you on a Friday night.

9. When your friend is crushing on someone who is way out of their league.

10. When you're way frustrated trying to put together IKEA furniture.

11. When someone asks how you feel at 9 a.m. on a Monday morning.

12. When you really want to land a low blow in an argument.

13. When a student driver cuts you off when you are driving to work.

14. When you see someone post something stupid on Facebook.

15. When someone starts launching into a long, boring story at the dinner party you're at.

16. When you post a group shot on Instagram and you're totally the hottest person in the picture.

17. When everyone else is invited to a party except you... and you decide to crash anyway.

18. When you're having an argument with someone over who is manlier.

19. When your coworkers screw something up on the project you are working on.

20. When you know your crush is going to be at the same party as you tonight.

21. When you finally find the perfect pair of shoes.

22. When you need to make it clear to your friend who is the hotter one.

23. When your friend screws up at being a wingman or wingwoman.

24. And finally, when you're surrounded by idiots.