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Which Disney Moment Infuriates You The Most?

Just because you're Disney royalty, doesn't exempt you from Disney wrongdoing.

Let's cut to the chase: Disney movies were an integral part of our childhoods. Whether it was the heroic princesses...


...the dastardly villains...


...or the hilarious sidekicks, we just COULDN'T get enough!


But sometimes Disney movies made you want to SCREAM and rip the VHS right from its player in a fit of rage. Like, why didn't Ariel just grab the nearest parchment and tell Eric what was going on?


She knew how to write because she read and signed Ursula's contract!

And was Mulan really SO good at drag that the ENTIRE Chinese army didn't notice she was in fact a lady?


She would have won RuPaul's Drag Race in a heartbeat.

Also, why would Buzz freeze up like all the other toys when a human entered the room, yet he thought he was a Space Ranger?


Like, pick one Buzz!

None of it makes sense! So as much as we LOVE Disney movies, there still were some moments that drove us INSANE. Tell us which ones infuriated you the most via the DropBox below!

The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!