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    How Many Of These Little Details Did You Notice In "The Devil Wears Prada"

    The devil is in the details, wearing Prada of course.

    1. Andy has a very eclectic mix of clips from her time at her college newspaper

    There's the article about the janitor's union, which she mentions to Miranda in her "interview," plus a "Take Back the Night" article. But also an article about campus bus stops. Not as hard-hitting!

    2. For someone who was the award-winning editor-in-chief of her college newspaper (at Northwestern, which has one of the best journalism programs in the country), it seems strange that Andy has *NEVER* heard of Miranda Priestly before.

    3. Befitting the movie's title, Miranda is toting a Prada bag during her terrifying first scene.

    4. Miranda and the rest of the Runway staff seem to have an OBSESSION with San Pellegrino.

    I wonder how much of the Runway annual budget is devoted to sparkling water.

    5. You may remember a Runway employee switching shoes and another applying makeup during the Miranda-entering-the-building montage, but did you notice the third throwing out a fruit salad?

    Which begs the question, what does Miranda have against FRUIT SALAD?

    6. Several employees turn around and walk the other way in the Runway office at the sight of Miranda entering.


    7. Both Miranda and Andy are wearing purple during her interview.

    Foreshadowing their close relationship to come? Maybe!

    8. Remember how Andy didn't know who Miranda was? Miranda correctly guesses that she was oblivious to her existence — Emily didn't have time to tell her.

    9. Nigel jokingly asks Miranda if Andy is part of a "before-and-after piece" that he doesn't know about — but really, the joke ends up being on him.

    And he's the one to give the makeover, to boot!

    10. The faces of the Runway employees when Andy first tells Miranda that her name isn't Emily are PRICELESS.

    11. Andy goes for the corn chowder (crucial ingredient: cellulite), but she could have gone for cream of broccoli or chicken noodle.

    12. Andy is reminded SEVERAL times over that a million girls would kill for her position — the one that she doesn't want.

    13. Some more AMAZING reactions: the faces of Runway employees when Miranda delivers her iconic "Cerulean" speech.

    Emily's might be best. Andy turns around to see her fellow assistant shaking her head as she watches from the other room.

    14. Miranda wields a silver Razr phone, which was cutting-edge at the time.

    15. For a movie about the fashion industry and the media that cover it, it's *PRETTY* interesting that there are no characters who are definitely gay. Nigel talks about being different than his brothers while growing up...

    ...and Andy's friend Lily seems to want to set up Doug (who danced around the subject of his sexuality earlier) with someone offscreen.

    16. We didn't know it at the time, but Miranda's twins are reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

    17. OK, this is a pretty cool "blink and you miss it" moment: At the Runway benefit, the banners outside the event are hung from giant closet hangers.

    18. At the pivotal moment in her career when Miranda makes her call Emily to tell her she's taking her place in Paris, Andy is wearing a butterfly shirt.

    19. Miranda mentions that she needs Snoop Dogg moved to her table in Paris, but when it comes time for the event, the rapper is nowhere to be found.

    20. When Andy ignores Miranda's call at the end of the movie, her phone says it's Dec. 3 — but Paris doesn't ever have any Fashion Week events then.

    21. Even though the film's third act takes place in Paris, Andy is the only character you actually see walking outdoors in the daylight.

    That's all!