A Definitive Ranking Of High School Cliques

    High school: Where it isn't always cool to be cool.

    21. Freshmen

    20. Peripheral Popular Kids

    19. Stoners

    18. Overachievers

    17. Goths

    16. VIP Crew

    15. Goody Two-Shoes

    14. Premature Rock Stars

    13. Popular Kids

    12. Theater Nerds

    11. Jocks

    10. Cool Underclassmen

    9. Pretty People

    8. Band Geeks

    7. Smarty Pants

    6. Alternative Jocks

    5. Indie Kids

    4. Pretty People "B" Squad

    3. Floaters

    2. Artsy Fartsy Kids

    1. Closet Nerds

    Don't let their looks deceive you. Like a Gusher, the closet nerd has a surprise inside: In this case, they're super smart.

    Pros: Looks aren't everything. Looks and brains? That's another story.

    Cons: A little too perfect.

    Final Grade: A+